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ESL Paraphrasing Service: Getting Through the Language Barrier

Why Do You Need Our Professional ESL Paraphrasing Services?

Paraphrasing involves taking what someone else has already written and then completely changing the words that were used but keeping the same meaning. This is often done to simplify the original work in order to make it easier for the reader to understand or to incorporate their writing into your own so that you don’t have to rely on constant quotations. It can sometimes be difficult to express someone else’s ideas in a different way so you have to ensure you concentrate and remove plagiarism issues as this becomes an essential factor which needs to be avoided or you will suffer the consequences which can be very severe. There are some famous people who plagiarized, and it`s still a shame of them. Paraphrasing for ESL students can be even harder, ESL or people studying English as a Second Language will find the process even harder by not realizing the full complexity of English wording.

There are roughly just over 1 billion people learning English worldwide and according to the British council, there were 750 million English as a foreign language speaker. In addition, there were 375 million ESLspeakers. The difference between the two groups amounts to English as a Foreign Language speaker using English occasionally for business or pleasure, while English as a Second Language speakers uses English on a daily basis.

difficulties in paraphrasing for esl students

Biggest Challenges to Paraphrasing When Learning a Second Language

The English language is one of the most popular languages to learn and is probably the most spoken language for business around the world today. While it may be popular to learn, it is a far from being an easy language to learn.There are many challenges and if you are aware of these beforehand, you may stand a much greater chance of getting to grips with the language:

  • Grammar

Incorrect use of grammar can confuse the person you are speaking to and even change the meaning of what you are trying to say.English Grammar is extremely complex and can make it difficult to remember and use logically, this is especially tricky when you are in conversation with someone and they are speaking surprisingly fast.

  • Vocabulary

There are many verb variations which make the English language very challenging at times, especially when trying to understanding which tense should be used in various situations. English has one of the biggest vocabularies of all languages and can be very confusing for non-English speakers to master.

  • Slang and colloquialism

As if there wasn’t already enough to learn when you’re trying to master the art of speaking English, an informal language all of its own exists. This is rarely taught in English courses but you’ll be exposed to it when conversing with native speakers. Although it isn’t appropriate in an academic context, it’s a vital element of everyday communication without which you may struggle to understand what native speakers are saying to you.

  • Pronunciation

Pronouncingmany English words can be difficult as there are many variations on silent letters and vowels which make it really tricky to know how to say a word. English speakers have been taught these from an early age and the subtleties in how to pronounce something to communicate the right message. Depending on the first language of the ESL student, it can often be difficult to pronounce some words, having not ever had to create that phonetic sound before.

  • Variations in English

The English language, like many others, varies in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation according to a number of social and cultural factors, including the region where a person grows. The variations in the different forms of English can often be difficult to understand. For example, the difference between using formal and informal language or the differences between spoken and written language.

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How Our Summarizing and Paraphrasing ESL Service Will Help You

Once your order has been processed, you will be assigned a fully qualified and experienced writer who will carefully read through your requirements before any writing commences. They will then start to manually rewrite your paper until a draft is ready to be reviewed. We offer an unlimited number reviews where you are able to offer feedback on the work and make changes as needed so that we can ensure it is exactly as you want it. Once you are satisfied, we will then submit the paper for professional proofreading to remove any errors and then have it fully tested for plagiarism so that we can guarantee it is a totally unique piece of writing.

We Employ Full Qualified Writers to Help with Paraphrasing for ESL Students

We understand that being able to successfully carry out any paraphrasing requires having someone who understands the subject and who is qualified and experienced in the manually rewriting text. Unlike many other online services that only employ inexperienced amateur writers or use software that changes words for synonyms, we only employ fully qualified and time served experienced writers that have a profound knowledge of their subjects and the complexity of the English language. We will always match you to a writer that:

  • Speaks and writes in English as their native language
  • Understands all academic writing rules especially those for citation and plagiarism
  • Holds a higher level degree in a subject relevant to your needs
  • Has many years of experience in carrying out paraphrasing that covers a wide range of sources

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Online ESL Paraphrasing Services?

We always aim to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the range of services we are able to provide for your ESL writing paraphrasing help as we hope you will come back to us for all your summarizing and paraphrasing ESL needs. You will always be matched up to a professional writer and be provided with a level of support that will exceed all of your expectations. Included in the many advantages of our full range of services, you also benefit from:

  • Fully confidential around the clock ordering and customer support
  • Highly affordable prices with flexible discounts
  • On time delivery even for rush orders
  • Unlimited reviews with a fast turnaround between them
  • Completely unique ESL writing paraphrasing error free
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction or your money back

So if you want the best ESL paraphrasing services to help you get that perfect rewriting assignment completed error free and on time, get in touch with us now through our online website for expert assistance which you can trust and afford.