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What is rephrasing and why might you need to do it?

rephrasingRephrasing or paraphrasing is repeating something that has been said or written using your own words. Unlike summarizing which will repeat only the main points and reduce the length of something considerably, paraphrasing seeks to repeat all of the points and will result in text of a similar length to the original. Many students, researchers and other writers will use paraphrasing to:

  • Prove that they fully understand a paper
  • To simplify the text that they are paraphrasing
  • To rephrase text for a different audience
  • To improve how something was written to make it easier to understand
  • To use without issues with plagiarism (copying)

Rephrasing sentences however is not as simple as many think, most struggle with ensuring that all points are repeated and they fail to change the wording sufficiently to avoid issues with plagiarism.

We can help with rephrasing a paragraph and much more

Our professional rephrasing services can provide you with a full range of paraphrasing and other writing services that you may need:

  • Paraphrasing a sentence, paragraph, paper or even an entire book
  • Summarizing of any document or paper
  • Writing and rewriting
  • Proofreading to a high academic standard
  • Professional editing

Our rephrasing services are provided by experts

rephrasing sentencesMany of the services that you see online for rephrasing provide their services through highly inefficient software or by using unqualified freelancers with a poor grasp of the English language. We however fully understand that our services can only ever be as good as the staff that we employ to provide them. This is why when you come to us for help you will always work with a rephraser that is highly qualified and experienced. Our staff all hold higher degrees related to the areas within which they provide their services. They also have many years of experience and fully understand academic formatting and referencing requirements. All of our staff have native English language skills so you can be sure that your rephrasing will be done perfectly.

We offer guaranteed rephrasing

rephrasing a sentenceWe know how important it is that any service you use delivers what you are looking for and we provide all of our clients with a full guarantee for our professional rephrasing. Through our services you benefit from all of the following:

  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee
  • Delivery within your deadline, guaranteed
  • Guaranteed plagiarism free writing, every page is checked for plagiarism
  • Guaranteed error free writing, we proofread everything that we provide

So if you need rephrasing help that you can trust and afford just contact our professional rephrasing services here today for some of the very best help you will find online.