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Paraphrasing Essay Services: Creating New from the Existing

Why Might You Need Our Online Paraphrasing Essay Services?

There are many occasions where you may need to paraphrase someone else’s work; to show your level of understanding of it, to improve upon a poorly written piece or even so that you can incorporate the work into your own writing without having to worry about plagiarism. It involves taking another author writing and then rewording it into your own unique wording while keeping to the original meaning, making sure to correctly reference the source so that the reader is able to easily find it and you are not accused of plagiarism. To achieve these goals you may use the help of our sentence reworder.

Paraphrasing which avoids plagiarism is not easy to achieve and many people find that they will inadvertently copy various extracts of the original text or fail to catch the correct meaning. In surveys carried out between 2006 to 2010 by Donald L. McCabe, a co-founder of the Center for Academic Integrity and a business professor at Rutgers University, about 40 percent of 14,000 undergraduates admitted to copying a few sentences in their written assignments  but the risk of being caught doing this can lead to dismissal from the institution you are attending. This is why many people including other experienced writers seek out professional help from an online paraphrasing service like ours for rewording an essay. We will supply you with a fully qualified and experienced writer that can assist in various ways, either by offering help to improve your own writing skills through feedback on assigned work to quickly completing the work for you to a high level that will be unique and targeted to your audience and completely error free.

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What Are the Main Components of Paraphrasing an Essay?

Many people believe that just by changing a few of the words, you can create a paraphrase. However, paraphrasing is a lot more detailed than that and requires a lot more work. You need to alter the structure and change the order as well as keeping the original idea of the author intact. So before you begin on any paraphrasing assignment, always keep in mind that the main characterizations of paraphrased work are that:

  • It only includes the author’s ideas
  • It is accurate to the original and represents it fairly
  • It is entirely in your own words
  • It has been correctly cited
  • It is roughly the same length

Paraphrasing an essay or any other text for that matter is a skill that has taken the most proficient experts many years of hard studying to achieve. Our experts are no exception and have been involved with rewriting documents that avoid plagiarism for up to 20 years now in some cases and have produced some professional tips to help others who may be struggling:

  • Start by carefully reading the source until you fully understand the meaning
  • From memory, try and write down key words that capture the meaning of the work
  • Break down overly complex ideas into much smaller pieces
  • Change the sentence style around by putting it in the opposite order
  • Be clear that the ideas presented are attributed to the author by citing them
  • Re-work on the paraphrase until you have it worded clearly and makes sense in relation to the rest of the work you are writing
  • Double check to ensure it fairly represents the meaning of the original source and avoids using any of the same words or phrasings
  • Make sure you take a note of the source as well as the page number so that you can make a proper reference to it

“Paraphrasing is when you take the essence of what another writer has said and write this by using some of the commonly used language ‘chunks’ that make it clear you are re-telling someone else’s ideas. You must, of course, still, acknowledge where the original ideas came from by adding a reference. It is not sufficient to simply change one or two words”.
The Writing Centre, University of Adelaide

How We Carry out Rewording Essays without Plagiarism

Our online paraphrasing service is carried out by fully qualified experts who will be assigned to you based on their qualifications within your specific subject area. They will carefully read through your order to ensure that they understand what your requirements are and the audience to which it will be targeted at. They will then begin manually rewriting the text until a first draft has been completed which will then be sent to you for review. We offer you an unlimited number of reviews when rewarding an essay so that together, we can ensure that the work completely exceeds all your expectations. Before the completed essay is then sent out to you, it will first be professionally proofread to remove any errors and then subjected to a thorough plagiarism test to make sure that it is completely unique to you with a report generated as proof.

Essay Paraphrasing Services

Many people struggle when asked to write an essay because unless naturally gifted, it requires carrying out a lot of research and then selecting an appropriate source of wording to put it all together. Rewording essays without plagiarism makes this even harder as you need to understand exactly what the original writer is saying and then change the wording in a way that includes the same information but make it easier for the reader to understand. To make this even more of a challenge when paraphrasing an essay, the wording you use must be completely different from the original as using 3 or more matching words in a row is considered plagiarism and is considered an academic crime. Our fully qualified experts have many years of experience rewarding an essay and can deliver high quality and unique paraphrased papers which effectively include the relevant information.

Professional Thesis Paraphrasing

Thesis paraphrasing can often be more stressful when trying to reword someone else’s thoughts and sometimes, even experienced writers find themselves copying directly from the original without meaning to or miss some of the original key points. Solid concentration techniques need to be developed so that you are able to focus more clearly on what the writer is saying, rather than paying too much attention to the words that have been used. We can supply you with a professional rewriter who will manually create a paraphrased thesis which will accurately retain the information but deliver it more concisely, allowing a better understanding of the topic while remaining completely unique.

ESL paraphrasing service always ready to give you  a hand.

How We Can Help to Write a Manuscript

Formal manuscripts or essays are written to address a specific problem within your field of study and will require extensive researching to find evidence that will back up your findings. You will need to provide a lengthy and detailed essay that is written in a clear and concise manner and which is easily understandable to the reader. You will also need to ensure that it is presented using the correct writing style which governs all forms of academic writing and observes any special requirements given by your particular institution. Our experts are well versed in this form of writing and have a profound knowledge within their subject fields to provide a unique and effective manuscript which will get the adulation of your peers.

Our Article Rewriting Service

Many people will want to use an essay or article that which has been written by someone else but this will require it to be rewritten while avoiding plagiarism so that there are no issues when it is then republished. Our rewriting experts are highly experienced and know precisely how to quickly rewrite an article effectively for your new audience without any plagiarism issues. All the work that they provide is delivered within your deadline and will always come with a free plagiarism report so that you can be sure that it is unique.

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Guaranteed Support from Our Paraphrasing Essay Services

We always want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our full range of online services to ensure that we retain your custom for all future writing needs and to spread the word about just how good we are to friends and colleagues. This is done through providing the best team of rewriters that you will find anywhere else online as well as including a highly professional support team who provide many advantages and benefits such as:

  • Fully confidential around the clock ordering and online support
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden extras
  • Free plagiarism report that confirms the work is unique
  • Unlimited reviews with a quick turnaround between them
  • On time delivery even for rush orders
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction or your money back

Our experts will provide you with an accurate and perfectly rewritten essay that takes the original writing and makes a perfect paraphrased version each and every time at completely affordable prices!