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Shock! Top 10 Famous People Accused of Plagiarism

Who are the famous people accused of plagiarism? In today’s post, discover the authors, singers and other well-known celebrities that were accused of copying or plagiarizing someone else’s work. Read on and learn about the importance of rephrasing tool.
famous plagiarists

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  • E.L James plagiarized Stephanie Meyer: The story Fifty Shades of Grey, which is the first novel from this author, was originally based on two characters, Edward and Bella in the Twilight Saga.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien copied Richard Wagner: Book series “The Lord of the Rings” has received accusations of plagiarism. Many accusations surround it, such as some parts were copied from “Ring of the Nibelung” of Richard Wagner.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized passages of his dissertation: The plagiarism happened in 1955. He turned in a dissertation entitled, “A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman.”
  • Jayson Blair plagiarized Macarena Hernandez: He was a rising star in journalism in 2003. In the same year, an editor at the San Antonio Express News had noticed similarities between an earlier work done by Macarena Hernandez, one of their reporters, and Blair.
  • Helen Keller borrowed a part of Margaret Candy’s story: At 11, she wrote a short story “The Frost King” that was picked up by The Goodson Gazette. It was noticed that her story has a strong resemblance to another short story “Frost Fairies” written by Margaret Candy.
  • Jane Goodall copied Wikipedia: In 2013, she was preparing to release “Seeds of Hope,” which contains large portions that seem to be taken directly from sources, such as Wikipedia, without proper citation.
  • Justin Bieber plagiarized Mareio Overton and Devin Copeland: He and Usher were accused of plagiarism for the song “Somebody to Love” written by Usher and performed by Bieber. The song had been copied from their song with the same title released in 2008.
  • T.S. Elliot borrowed Madison Casein’s poem: The poem “The Waste Land” was published in 1922. Decades later, it was discovered that it was largely hodgepodge of text from lesser-known poets, Madison Casein included and his poem “Waste Land.”
  • Nicki Minaj stole Terrence Davidson’s wig designs: She was accused of copying some portions of her hit song “Starships” from a song written and performed by Clive Tanaka in 2011. Terrence Davidson claimed that she had stolen his wig designs.
  • Dan Brown copied Richard Lee and Michael Baigent: The two claimed that Brown plagiarized their book “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.” Brown copied certain themes from their book. And Lewis Perdue claimed that Brown had stolen his novel “Daughter of God,” published in 2000. This wouldn’t have happened if he used sentence rewording.

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101 Guide on How to Remove Plagiarism

There are many ways to avoid being scolded for “stealing someone’s intellectual property” and it’s not that difficult to be fair. So here’s a quick guide to help you steer clear of plagiarism troubles:

Cite the source

The easiest way to get rid of plagiarism is to cite the source, hence show that you borrowed somebody’s work and have no intention to present it as your own accomplishment. However, you can’t simply put a bunch of citation together and call it “research”. Make sure that the information is actually worth citing and cite only when it’s necessary.


This works well for essays and stuff. You just include a short retelling of the relevant information in your own words, only conveying the main ideas.

Rephrase Plagiarism

This is the most effective way of including the information from a different source, however, the most complicated as well. To reword plagiarism you’ll have to rewrite everything in your own words but stick to the original word count as closely as possible. Moreover, you have to ensure that you managed to incorporate the key ideas and point into your writing, without copying authors actual words. That takes some good writing skills, I should say.

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